It's Latin, look it up...
I am
El Dorado , United States

Looking for

Friendship Relationship Business Partner Fun Dating Chat


I'm Scott.

Other stuff about me:
Age: 56 (I keep thinking I'm 19)
Widowed since 6/22/13 (don't stop reading)
135 lbs
Occupations: Contracted private wide body jet custom completions technician/engineer(love this job), Landlord(hate this job)
Don't drink or do drugs, but I don't care if anyone else does. It's just a personal choice.

Current situation: 2 rentals, a reasonable retirement check and ongoing contract work when I feel like it, (I always feel like it)

Where my head's @: Can't decide if I want to sell it all and leave the country, sit @ home comfortably for the rest of my life or just go back to work. What I have decided is that I would have a hell of a lot more fun sharing what ever comes next with someone I like.

If what you've read hasn't weirded you out, maybe we could hang out sometime. Drinks, coffee or maybe even a real meal? Maybe something more?