Am new here if you are interested in me you can text me (231) 577-6922
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I'm romantic, soft by character, family-I dream of a stable and love-filled family life, in which care, loyalty and respect are in the first place. I would like that my future marriage will based not only on passion, but the first that we would be the best friends for each other, and the children can grow up in atmosphere of sincere feelings and interesting family events, where they can see love not just in words. I like healthy food and style of life, music and beauty of nature. I would like to travel time to time and enjoy different places in their vivid colors. I don't like winter and coldness) My big dream is to spend wintertime somewhere in tropics with a lot of green plants, sun, fresh fruits and fantastic nature views on mountains and ocean. I have also one crazy dream. I mean that I'd like to take a part in bamboo's building, at least once, or try myself in other ecological project. I like the idea of life in a harmony with nature.