A destination wedding is a time of romance, adventure, and excitement. The destination wedding is also a time filled with a lot of travel, plans, and group coordination and can be quite a stressful time for not only the bride and groom, but for the bridal party as well. While the stress of travel, especially with a group, can take its toll, it should not have to be during a wedding celebration.

The destination wedding can take place in many locations such as the beach, another country or even Las Vegas. Although it can be a stressful time preparing to depart on this trip, it is usually well worth it since it also serves as a vacation at the same time. This provides much time for relaxation after the wedding ceremony.

Destination weddings require special wedding favors. It is important to remember that these wedding favors do not need to be elaborate or expensive, but should be more thoughtful and unique than anything else. These small tokens of appreciation to your wedding guests should convey just how thankful you, the bride and groom, are that they made the extra effort to make it to your wedding.

Favors for the Tropical Wedding

Many destination weddings are set in tropical locations. If your wedding happens to be one set on the beach or on the islands, your wedding favors should reflect this. Consider the location of the wedding and which gifts would be the best choice. A small wedding favor for a tropical wedding might be some sunscreen or sunglasses for each guest. Another good wedding favor for a tropical wedding might be a set of beach towels. If you want to really spoil your guests, you may think about getting a beach tote for each of them and fill it with a beach towel and other fun beach accessories.

Favors for the Ski Resort Wedding

If your destination wedding is taking place at a ski resort, you know that you and your guests are in for a great time. One idea for a wedding favors is give them something that can help them stay warm and enjoy their time in the cold. A tote bag is always a good alternative to a plastic shopping bag, so choose something that your friends and family are likely to use. Then fill the bag with some warm fleece gloves, a matching scarf, and a ski hat. Be sure to include some sunscreen (the sun reflects off the snow and can cause sunburn a lot faster than you think!)

Favors for the Vegas Wedding

If you and your fiancé are tying the knot in Las Vegas, then the wedding favors you hand out should be chosen accordingly. Las Vegas is full of fun, excitement, and adventure, so share it with your wedding guests. Use one of those buckets used at the casinos to hold chips and fill it with Vegas-related products. You might consider providing some chips to your guests for the slots, a deck of cards, and perhaps even a book about betting.

Travel Gear

It is important to keep in mind that all of the guests as well as the bride and groom must travel to attend a destination wedding. The very idea behind a destination wedding is to hold the festivities in a location other than where the bride and groom, or their families currently reside. Traveling may be harder for some people than others and some may have financial limitations while others may just not enjoy the entire process. This is why you may consider providing your wedding guests with bags that are filled with travel products. This can help them feel more comfortable while traveling.

Purchase a gift bag, or tote, and fill it with soft socks, aspirin, vitamins, magazines, healthy snacks, and other travel essentials. Think about each guest (since destination weddings usually have a smaller guest list) and include things that may interest that particular person on the plane trip. Anything that helps the airport seem a little homier will be welcomed.

Day Trips

Destination weddings take place in fun, and sometimes exotic, locations. A destination wedding would not be one without the “destination” being a place worth visiting. So why not consider treating your wedding guests on a trip to see the local sights. It is the perfect way to treat them to a special day and have some extra time with your nearest and dearest. Your wedding guests should definitely appreciate the effort, especially since they have spent the money on travel, lodging, and may have even taken off work to share in your celebration.

Destination weddings are a lot of work, but not every aspect has to be stressful. Choose the wedding favors based on where your wedding is taking place. Just remember that the wedding favors should be simple, unique, and thought out. You do not have to spend a lot of money as long as you put some effort into it. If you prefer to be extravagant, go ahead – your guests will appreciate the gesture.