Relationships can give you powerful experiences, but they can also be rather fragile and break easily if you are not careful. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will know that a million and one things could go wrong in a relationship.

For example, due to work reasons, 2 individuals may be forced to stay apart for a prolonged period of time, which is not healthy for a relationship. Sometimes, due to petty fights and quarrels, a relationship ends prematurely. Other times, two people just stop seeing each other because the spark is gone.

When it comes to maintaining a relationship, bear in mind that there are avoidable and unavoidable circumstances. For instance, giving a relationship to continue being able to make a living is an unavoidable circumstance. It’s just unfortunate. But it happens at times. That is just life. But having petty quarrels and fights or allowing a relationship to go stale can be avoided. In other words, you can do something about such situations, and help turnaround a relationship that is heading southwards.

So the challenge is, how do you recharge a relationship when tension is running high, and you barely want to speak with your partner? Or what do you do when you realize that the spark during courtship is gone?

The very first step that you can take, is to accept that there is a problem with the relationship. It’s now time to face the problem, and to stop running away from it. Some couples refuse to communicate and face the challenges until it is too late. You never want that to happen. The moment you accept that there is a problem, you have set the gears in motion. Healing can then begin. Now, you must do what you can to recharge the relationship with positive energy. Here are some tips.

Making love is a big part of the relationship. Two people sharing the same experience, enjoy a complete sense of togetherness. The act itself will help bond two people closer together. So you may wish to consider using this simple act to help heal the relationship.

But bear in mind that you shouldn’t just jump from a fight into a love making session. Chances are, your partner will just push you away. Give each other time and space for the negative emotions to die off. Then make your approach with love and compassion. Let your partner feel that he or she is missed. When you do that, you have taken the first step. The rest should come naturally. Your partner will reciprocate, and both can enjoy the company of each other again.

If you really want to spice things up a little, you can consider bringing some naughty toys into the bedroom.