#1 – It is all about the Dress
At your wedding, your flower girls main job is to look adorable. From head to toe, they need to look stunning, of course, not as good as the bride, but fairly close. The flower girl’s dress is a major aspect of the wedding, and not too many accessories should be needed for this dress.

You should not focus on the accessories for the dress but rather on selecting a design that on its own can stand out and receive a lot of attention. It should be bold enough to make a statement as is and in this way, no matter what is accompanying the outfit, the dress still looks fabulous.

#2 – Adding accessories
Even if your flower girl’s dress is as beautiful as ever, but as the bride, you may still feel the need to spruce it up with some extras accessories. The second way of accessorizing a flower girl dress is a simple yet elegant technique, which requires a ribbon.

The ribbon should be a similar color to the dress and if your flower girl is going to be wearing white, you may want to consider the main color of your wedding theme. This ribbon can be placed around the flower girl’s waist. It looks sweet and shows that classic little girl softness.

#3 – Another possible accessory
If you do not want to use a ribbon, a brooch is another excellent option to consider for the flower girl. Adding a shiny brooch can also complete a look. The brooch does not have to be something huge and overbearing but can be something small with a little sparkle or one can even pin a material flower to the dress.

#4 – Adorn with jewelry
Jewelry is also a great way to accessorize but try not to over do it. Adorning your flower girls with too much jewelry may not create the appropriate look and you may need to back to planning her accessories. The fourth way to accessorize a flower girl’s dress is by giving her small cute sparkle studs or hanging earrings. Avoid chandelier earrings; they may look too heavy. The idea is for the little one to remain cute and this can be best achieved with stud earrings. Keep it plain metal, stone or even a pearl makes for an elegant touch.

#5 – Using armbands
When it comes to arm bands, they look adorable on little arms. If you do however choose to add a bracelet, make sure that your flower girl is wearing very little other jewelry. The fifth way to accessorize a flower girls dress is by allowing a medium size arm bangle or band. Try to keep it a solid metal and one is more than enough. The arm bracelet should not be too sparkly and charms should be avoided.

#6 – Enhance the cute Factor
Another idea that makes a flower girl’s dress look cute is by adding angel or fairy wings. They are so much fun for kids and can make them feel extra special. Whether bordered with soft fur or sprayed with glitter, your flower girl should look like a little angel.

#7 – Gloves
Another great way to accessorize little flower girl dresses is by adding gloves. The seventh tip includes incorporating something as classic as gloves. The appropriate length for a young girl is a short wrist-length hand glove as it looks pretty and is very comfortable. The gloves should be the same color as the dress, but a white is fine in either satin or lace.

#8- Use a Jacket
The eighth way of accessorizing a dress for a flower girl is by adding a bolero jacket. Boleros come in an array of materials, and can be found in knits, lace, satins as well as faux fur and look very chic. It also serves a great purpose, as it can keep your little flower girls warm when it gets chilly.

#9 – A hair statement
Hair is equally as important on your wedding day as the dress and one has to find suitable hairstyles for your flower girl to compliment her dress. The ninth accessory when it comes to a flower girl is a headpiece.

#10 – Shoe issues
Shoes are a huge part of a flower girls look and are at number 10. Stick to white shoes, they are versatile and go with any color. A ballerina pump should do the trick but stay away from heels and slippery sandals. Remember to keep shoes as comfortable as possible as sore feet equal an unhappy flower girl.

Choosing a dress for the flower girl does not have to be a difficult task. You should consider the theme of the wedding along with the many choices of accessories. A few to consider are ribbons, hanging earrings and a brooch.